The best activities in Diani usually entail visiting the beach or taking in the stunning scenery of the surrounding countryside. There are a ton of amazing things to do and see in this beach resort town on Kenya’s south coast, making it a fantastic travel destination. Diani is home to luxurious resorts, beach villas, white sands, and other attractions popular with families, backpackers, honeymooners, and solo travelers.

1. Take A Look at the Stunning Beaches

Discovering the several beaches in Diani is among the nicest things to do. The little seaside village is home to many lovely beaches and opulent resorts. Wander along the shores, soak up the sun, unwind, and savor delectable meals and refreshing beverages.

For relaxation and water sports, Galu Kinondo is the nicest beach in Diani, while Tiwi is ideal for an unusual day trip. Go to the stunning Diani Beach if you enjoy blue waves and white beach.

A superb dining experience is provided by various restaurants in Diani, which adds to the excitement at the beach. My top picks are the romantic Ali Barbour’s Cave and the seafood-focused Nomad Beach Bar.

2. Get to Know a Local and Learn About Their Lifestyle

The majority of tourists, including residents like myself, are enthralled with Diani Beach’s allure and neglect to venture further interior.

I recently traveled to Diani, and instead of staying on the beach, I ventured interior. I was interested in seeing the everyday routines, architecture, and culture of the people who lived in that region of Kenya.

Thus, I strolled around Ukunda’s streets, struck up conversations with neighborhood shopkeepers in Gazi, and was in awe of Tiwi’s traditional architecture.

Take an enjoyable walking tour of Ukunda town to get a taste of local life in Diani. You will visit marketplaces, converse with locals, and sample regional cuisine while on the guided trip. Undoubtedly, it’s among the most culturally stimulating things to do in Diani.

3. Take a Kongo River Canoe Ride at Sunset

The Kongo River divides Diani Beach from Tiwi Beach as it meanders between mangroves and empties into the Indian Ocean. This enchanted river is a great place for nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and sunset watchers.

People may easily access the two beaches because of its broad upstream but shallows towards the ocean.

This guided tour is the ideal way to discover the Kongo River. A visit to the storied Kongo Mosque precedes the trip. After that, you’ll take a canoe ride while learning about the area, observing different birds, and taking in the sunset.

Following the canoe ride, you can have dinner at Estuary Beach Lounge or gather around a beach bonfire to tell stories.

The Kongo River is close to a large number of beach hotels. But I strongly advise

4. Swim in the Africa Pool along Tiwi Beach

Africa Pool, one of Diani’s best-kept secrets, can be found at Tiwi Beach, which is equally as gorgeous as Diani Beach despite being less well-known. The continent of Africa and its neighboring islands is reflected in this enchanted lake. It is visible at low tide and makes for a pleasant swimming location.

You can walk to the Africa Pool along Tiwi Beach, but I strongly advise going with a local guide. Along the journey, you may find more pools and observe seashells, coral cliffs, and caves.

Note that this beach has a lot of sea urchins in some areas. To shield your feet from their painful spikes, make sure you wear shoes.

5. Sail on a Traditional Dhow to Wasini Island

Visiting Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park, home to fish species, turtles, dolphins, and stunning coral gardens, was one of the highlights of my trip to Diani.

The only way to get to the marine park is via boat, since it is situated offshore. Its mild waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

To fully enjoy this amazing Diani destination, it is recommended that you participate in this guided tour. After leaving Shimoni Town, you’ll take a dhow (boat) ride to Kisite Mpunguti, where you may go dolphin spotting and snorkeling.

You’ll next head to Wasini Island hamlet for beverages and a seafood feast before making your way back to Shimoni.

I suggest going to the Shimoni Caves while you’re still in Shimoni. Once upon a time, captive slaves were housed in these limestone caverns as waiting areas.

6. Go Scuba Diving (One of the Best Things to do in Diani)

Go to Diani if you’re looking for scuba diving locations in Kenya. All skill levels of divers are welcome in this coastal town, from novices to pros. Its pleasant climate makes diving possible throughout the year.
Diani’s beauty extends beyond the visible and encompasses the enormous world beneath the surface. Numerous diving locations with clusters of uncommon fish species and eye-catching corals can be found there. These locations include intentionally sunk ships like the Waa Wreck and naturally occurring reefs like Galu Reef.

Reaching out to a dive operator is the easiest way to sign up for a diving excursion in Diani. Diving the Crab is one of the local centers. They may be found at Nomad Hotel’s The Sands 

7. Go to the Enchanted Funzi Island

Kwale County is home to the fishing town of Funzi Island. It features an exquisite beach along its beaches and is encircled by mangroves. The island is one of the greatest sites to visit close to Diani, despite being less visited.

Joining this excursion is the greatest way to discover Funzi Island. It involves taking a boat trip among mangroves, visiting the beach, riding the Ramisi River to spot crocodiles, and taking a tour of the hamlet.

You can explore Funzi Island on your own, though I wouldn’t advise it due to accessibility issues.

On my most recent visit, I traveled to Ramisi Sugar Factory by matatu (minibus) from the Likoni bus station near Mombasa. From there, I got a bodaboda (motorcycle taxi) to Bodo village. I boarded a boat that was waiting from there.

8. Explore the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

One of the eleven woods lining Kenya’s coast, Kaya Kinondo Forest is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The remnants of the Mijikenda people’s 16th-century fortified villages can be found in the forest.
This wooded grove serves as a site of prayer, a source of traditional medicine, and is revered as the sacred dwelling of the Mijikenda ancestors.
Thus, if you’re still searching for further Diani activities, consider visiting Kaya Kinondo Forest. It’s a historical hub, a haven for nature lovers, and a location for unique cultural experiences. It’s without a doubt one of my top Diani attractions.
Despite being off the main tourist route, Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest is a hidden gem that is easily accessible in Diani.

9. See the Center for Colobus Conservation

One group working to protect primates like the Angolan colobus monkey is the Colobus Conservation Center. Situated beside Diani Beach Road, the institution sets the standard for conservation by means of education initiatives, animal welfare, and replanting.
Numerous primate species can be found at Diani, including Syke’s monkeys, baboons, colobus monkeys, and vervet monkeys. These primates are mostly in danger of extinction and need to be protected.
Make plans to stop by and discover more about the centers’ initiatives to save, heal, and return monkeys to their natural environments.
Guided primate eco-tours are available at the center Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Visit their website to make reservations.

10. Go to the Wildlife Park in Bora Bora

For those who enjoy the outdoors and wildlife, one of the greatest places to visit in Diani is the Bora Bora Wildlife Park. The park shares an environment with the Mijikenda community’s sacred Kaya Kinondo Forest.

Visit Bora Bora if you’re searching for a location to unwind, go on nature hikes, and see wildlife. Along the forest route, you’ll discover more about the many kinds of trees and their customary medical applications.

In addition to giraffes and zebras, Syke’s monkeys, crocodiles, and a variety of bird species can be seen in the park. You can also spend your time in its lovely tented camp while visiting Diani.


Besides wildlife like giraffes and zebras, the park is home to Syke’s monkeys, crocodiles, and various bird species. It also has a beautiful tented camp where you can stay during your trip to Diani.

11. Take a Tour to Chale Island (One of the Greatest Activities Outside of Diani)

In addition to Wasini and Funzi, there’s one more secluded island near Diani worth exploring – Chale Island.

Chale is a private resort island situated off the coast that’s easily visible from Gazi Beach. It features a small stretch of unspoiled beach, spectacular coral reefs, and forests of mangroves.

The island also hosts the luxurious Sands at Chale Island. This beach resort is the only accommodation facility on the island. It’s beautiful and features elegant rooms, a restaurant, and amenities for a romantic getaway.

To reach Chale Island, take a boat ride from the island’s office at the end of Diani Beach Road or stay on the island for a few nights. You can also drive along the ocean track when the tide is low.

12. Take a Tour of the National Reserve at Shimba Hills.

The Shimba Hills National Reserve, one of the top attractions in Diani and a fantastic day excursion from Diani Beach, is less than an hour’s drive from Ukunda town.

The ecosystem found in this wildlife reserve is varied and includes huge trees, meadows, forestlands, and scrub areas. It is also home to one of East Africa’s greatest coastline forests, surpassed only by Arabuko Sokoke.

Shimba Hills is a fantastic place to go if you want to spend a day away from the beach. Seeing creatures like sable antelope, giraffes, and elephants provides tourists with an unforgettable wildlife experience.

A multitude of bird species can be seen there, as well as the magnificent Sheldrick Falls.

By car, the national reserve is conveniently located at

13. Learn to Kitesurf at Galu Kinondo Beach

I’ve always desired to become a kitesurfer. The sight of surfers piqued my interest when I visited Galu Kinondo Beach, but I was pressed for time to become involved.
Slightly south of Diani Beach lies a beautiful, less-frequented beach called Galu Kinondo. Some of the most difficult and lucrative Diani sports, like paddleboarding and kitesurfing, are popular on the palm-lined stretch.
For those who share my enthusiasm in learning to surf, Kenya Kitesurf School is located near Galu Kinondo Beach. They have affordable prices and teach even total beginners.
This beach is close to several places to dine and stay. I advise first-time guests to unwind at Neptune Village Resort and Spa and savor fresh fish at

14. Take a Gazi Beach stroll between the mangroves

You’ll adore visiting the Gazi Women Mangrove Boardwalk near Gazi Beach if you’re looking for unusual activities to do in Diani that have a social impact. You can stroll among the mangroves, see birds, or unwind by the seaside here.

This is one of the greatest locations in the area for nature enthusiasts, despite being less frequented. Run by happy local women who are passionate about environmental preservation and their cultural legacy. They will give you a tour of the area and educate you on the various kinds of mangroves and their purposes during your brief stay.

I was taken to a beach where fishermen sell their catch to dealers when I was last in Gazi. There’s a slave home beside this beach that was built during Gazi’s slave trade era.

15. Visit Mombasa City for the Day

To wrap up our list of the top Diani activities, I suggest visiting Mombasa for the day. Situated approximately 30 kilometers away from Diani, the island city boasts an abundance of tourist attractions.

Mombasa offers a variety of tourist attractions, including Wild Waters and the Fort Jesus Museum. In addition, you may take part in an amazing cuisine tour, enjoy Mombasa’s lively nightlife, or stroll through the old town.

There are some stunning beaches in the city. The well-known Pirates Public Beach, the seductive Nyali Beach, and the less busy Shanzu Beach are all located there. In addition, there are fantastic dining establishments, retail malls, and resorts near these beaches and sites.